Brass Nandi Carved

Rs. 17,875.20 Rs. 22,344

Size: length 13", height 8.5"  , width 6"
Weight: 5.800 kg

Nandi is guardian of Kailash ,the abode of Lord Shiva. He is usually depicted as a bull . The decorated bull gangi reddu is the tradition of ancient south India. andi holds great mythological significance in Hinduism. As the sacred bull and vehicle of Lord Shiva, Nandi is considered a symbol of strength, loyalty, and righteousness. In Hindu mythology, Nandi is believed to be the gatekeeper and chief devotee of Lord Shiva.

Nandi's presence is often seen in temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, where it is positioned facing the main shrine. It is believed that Nandi acts as an intermediary between devotees and Lord Shiva, conveying their prayers and offerings.

According to mythology, Nandi is also associated with various legends and stories. One popular tale is that Nandi was born from a drop of sweat that fell from Lord Shiva's forehead during a fierce battle. Another story tells of Nandi's unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva, symbolizing the ideal devotee.

Overall, Nandi represents the embodiment of devotion, strength, and righteousness in Hindu mythology. Its significance extends beyond its physical form, serving as a reminder of the deep spiritual connection between devotees and Lord Shiva.

The product might have slight irregularities in color, design and moulding as its thoroughly handcrafted by artisans.

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