Brass Vishnu Bronze Finish 21"

Rs. 28,500 Rs. 35,600

Size:  Height : 21 inches , Width : 9 inches and Depth : 7 inches
Weight: 6.800 kg

Lord Vishnu is worshiped as the preserver and protector of the universe. He is considered one of the principal deities of the Hindu trinity, alongside Brahma (the creator) and Shiva (the destroyer). Lord Vishnu is believed to incarnate in various forms (avatars) to restore cosmic order whenever it is disrupted. Vishnu is revered under various names and forms in different contexts. Here are some of the many names of Lord Vishnu:

  1. Vishnu: The most common and widely known name, it means "all-pervading" or "omnipresent."

  2. Narayana: This name emphasizes the cosmic aspect of Vishnu, meaning "the shelter of all beings."

  3. Krishna: Often identified as the eighth avatar of Vishnu, Krishna is a beloved and popular deity known for his teachings in the Bhagavad Gita and his role in the epic Mahabharata.

  4. Rama: Another famous avatar, Lord Rama is the protagonist of the epic Ramayana and is revered for his virtues and adherence to dharma.

  5. Govinda: This name means "the one who gives joy to the cows" or "the protector of the cows."

  6. Hari: A name that signifies "the one who removes sins" or "the remover of obstacles."

  7. Madhava: This name highlights Lord Vishnu's connection with the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. It means "the consort of Ma" or "the husband of Lakshmi."

  8. Trivikrama: Referring to Vishnu's form as the dwarf Vamana avatar, it means "the one who took three steps."

  9. Vamana: Specifically referring to the dwarf incarnation of Vishnu, who defeated the demon king Bali.

  10. Parashurama: The warrior sage avatar of Vishnu, known for wielding an axe (parashu).

  11. Varaha: The boar incarnation of Vishnu, who rescued the Earth by lifting it from the cosmic ocean.

  12. Matsya: The fish avatar of Vishnu, who saved the Vedas during a deluge.

  13. Kurma: The tortoise avatar of Vishnu, who played a crucial role in churning the ocean to obtain the nectar of immortality (amrita).

  14. Narasimha: The man-lion avatar of Vishnu, who defeated the demon Hiranyakashipu.

  15. Hayagriva: The horse-headed avatar of Vishnu, associated with knowledge and wisdom.


Names Associated with Lord Vishnu : Narayana , Madhava ,Govinda , Madhusudana, ,Trivikrama ,Vamana ,Shridhar , Hrishikesha , Padmanabha ,Damodara , Sankarshana, Vasudeva ,Pradyumna ,Aniruddha, Purushottama, Adhokshaja ,Narasimha ,Achchyuta, Janardana , Upendra ,Hari , Krishna , Indra


The product might have slight irregularities in color, design and moulding as its thoroughly handcrafted by artisans.

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