Brass Idol of Shiva Bhikshatana 11"

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Height - 11 inches ,Width - 6 inches, Depth - 3 inches 


 2.800 Kg


Solid Brass 

Product Description

Brass Shiva in the form of Bhikshatana

Bhikshatana, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, is depicted as a barefoot beggar accompanied by a diminutive figure carrying a bowl for alms, along with animals like deer and dogs. This form, Bhikshatana murti, is seen as a gentler aspect of Bhairava, positioned between his two more fearsome forms: Brahmashirascheda murti (depicted when Shiva severs Brahma's head) and Kankala murti (depicted when Shiva slays Vishnu's doorkeeper). Various legends surround the origin of this form, with the most prevalent story recounting a dispute between Shiva and Brahma over the title of supreme creator. This disagreement escalated to the point where Shiva, in a fit of anger, severed Brahma's fifth head with his left thumb. To atone for this act, Shiva embraced mendicancy, wandering the earth for twelve years as a beggar. Sometimes depicted with matted hair or standing on end, a bell tied to his leg signifies his departure from Vedic norms. Bhikshatana is depicted with four arms, holding a staff adorned with the bones of Brahma and Vishnu's doorkeeper, along with a skull-cap and a drum. A snake encircles his body, adorned with minimal jewelry. Notably, Bhikshatana is often portrayed wearing wooden sandals, a rare feature among depictions of Shiva.

    These are just a few of the many names attributed to Lord Shiva, each carrying its own significance and symbolism in Hindu mythology and philosophy. The diversity of names reflects the multifaceted nature of Shiva's divine attributes and the various roles he plays in different aspects of creation, preservation, and destruction.

    Crafted with precision and devotion, this Brass Shiva Statue is not merely a decorative piece but a conduit to spiritual transcendence. The damaru (drum) in Shiva's hand symbolizes the rhythm of the universe, while the trident signifies the three fundamental qualities of nature—sattva, rajas, and tamas.

    Instructions For Care

    Ensure the lasting beauty of this idol with simple care – gentle cleaning with a soft, dry cloth is recommended to preserve its divine radiance.. DO NOT use harsh chemicals to clean. You can apply a thin coat of any natural oil by gently rubbing it throughout the statue with a soft cloth in order to maintain its luster.

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