Brass Deeplaxmi 12"

Rs. 8,618.40 Rs. 10,773

Elevate the sanctity of your special occasions with our Brass Deeplaxmi, a divine masterpiece that embodies grace and spirituality. Whether it's a joyous celebration, a traditional ceremony, or a moment of quiet reflection, this sacred artifact is crafted to enhance the aura of your cherished moments.

During festive gatherings, let the warm, golden glow of the Brass Deeplaxmi create an atmosphere of divine bliss. Its intricate detailing and traditional design make it a captivating centerpiece for Diwali, weddings, and other joyous occasions, symbolizing the divine blessings that accompany these festivities.

In moments of prayer and meditation, the Deeplaxmi becomes a focal point, radiating a serene energy that enhances your spiritual connection. Its enduring quality and timeless design make it an ideal companion for religious ceremonies, pujas, and daily rituals, inviting the divine into your sacred space.

Present this exquisite piece as a thoughtful gift during housewarmings, weddings, or religious ceremonies, conveying blessings and best wishes to your loved ones. The Brass Deeplaxmi is not just a decorative item; it's a symbol of tradition, craftsmanship, and the sacred moments that define our lives.

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and celebration with our Brass Deeplaxmi, a beacon of light that adds a touch of spirituality to every occasion.

Weight : 2.500 kg

Height : 11.5 inches

Width : 4.inches

Depth : 4.5 inches

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